Thursday, January 22, 2009

Glyph of Focus (Patch 3.0.8)

Welcome to the buggy patch of 3.0.8! Starfail has been nerfed and everyone around the world is dropping it! New Moonfire animation! (PEWPEWZ LAZER BEAMS) and everything is buggy or just not working!

What a wonderful day of Warcraft! Wouldn't you agree? Anyway, the patch has been out for a few days now. When the patch first came out, there was an issue with Wintersgrasp crashing the server. Each time the game was won, it sent out an infinite buff to everyone, causing the server to overload and crash (every server in the game mind you)..when the servers would come back up, the game was reset and people would try to take it again.

Honor farmers enjoyed this time while people in Northrend couldn't stop dcing from the for hours on end. It was terrible. Raiders were afraid to wipe and had soulstones and everything ready at hand for wipe recovery.

Malygos learned to fart so he was killing people behind him, let alone they added a larger range to his arcane breath..which apparently was chaining off hunter pets and ghouls, causing raid wipes. He also has targeting issues in phase 2 where you couldn't target him and he'd just melee you after a vortex. There is also no more stacking of sparks to dps him from 50%-0 with a bloodlust. Sparks now have a timer which is shared with their pools when they die and give us the buff.

Anyway, to the point at hand. With this patch came a new Glyph..Glyph of Focusing! This glyph increased your Starfail damage by 20% but decreased its range by 50%. This glyph however is a major glyph and not something worth picking up. Why do you say? With the 50% decrease, you only get 18 yards to use it with. Pretty much you will need to stand on the boss and pewpew. Which is a bad thing.

Closer to the boss means more agroo, let alone if that boss has a cleave, breath, tailwhip or anything like that, you'd be screwed. Anyway..for sheer curiousity we was quick to look into the numbers it would give.

Here are the numbers given by Wisprunner after I pointed the topic out. He did a 50% increase of damage and a 20% increase.

ok 20% increase.

600 average hit. 20% of that is 120, so 720 a hit for 15 hits is 10,800

1324 average crit. 20% of that is 265 (rounded up. 264.8 is the actual number), so 1589 per average crit for a total of 7945 with the 5 crits from my parse.

combine all that to get 18,745 so it's not even a 3 dps increase if I did that conversion right (which I don't think I did, I never remember that conversion, someone correct me if I'm wrong) over what my starfall did for me on the fight.

standing on the boss for 3 thanks.


Here is the 50% increase numbers

Take the last time you used Starfail on a single target mob (patchwerk, Instructor etc.) from a wws report, and just take the average hit, take 50% of that, add it, and that's what the hit would have done. take the total number of hits you had on that mob, and do simple addition from there.

That's how much glyphed starfail would have done.

For instance, the last time I did patchwerk25 and had starfail the average hit of my starfail was ~600 (rounded up for ease of math) 50% of that is another 300. so 900 a hit. 900 a hit for 15 hits is 13,500.

average crit was 1324, 50% of that is 662, add that on and we get 1986, 1986 average crit at 5 crits total makes 9,930

Grand total 23,400 compared to the 15,541 that the parse had. That was on two uses as well since the kill was a laughable 3:27.

23,400 would still have been half of what IS (next lowest total damage ability) was. so starfall would have added roughly 30 dps to my total of 3857 (hooray 30% wrath crit) instead of the 23ish I got that night.


Though from his personal point of few, his numbers still show what type of increase you would see. 3 or 7 dps..doesn't matter..for 1 talent point isn't going to make this talent, but break it really. You could put that talent point anywhere else you like. Even pick up IMP Moonfire..or something. Me..I dropped it. I won't lie. I picked up 2/2 Gale Winds and put 1 point in Owlkin frenzy since I really have nothing else to do with my points. I have no mana regen talents or anything and I'm never oom in fights.

If you have no issues with mana you can always make your tree to your liking..always remember that. The 55/0/16 spec is just a basic spec for raiding if you have mana issues. Anyway, enough rambling from me. I hope this post will help people still confused on the glyph if they wish to take it or not.


Anonymous said...

allo Foofy, longtime moonkin, newb poster, and avid reader here.

I agree with your points on starfall, which is sad, because in beta it was, bar none, my favorite spell. Having a special moonkin only innervate, on a 3 minute timer, that gave me a getaway, and did ridonkulous damage was...well, it was pretty neat.

Sadly, now that betas long over I think we all know that what we got it what we got, and we ain't likely gonna see no more. And if we do, it's gonna be the chip-chip-chip away nerfs we're getting so familiar with.

What's really chapping my hide is how the entire spec is being blatantly ignored right now, no communication. There's this screwed up cycled wherein moonkins get nerfed/ignored for months on end, finally flip out, get a big buff (and have a goodly percentage of their top posters banned), and then...rinse and repeat. And the PIP (peoples in powah) seem to encourage this.

I just wish we could get some straight answers, and not be talked down to like we're feathery special needs students sometime.

Anyway, thanks for being so vocal about moonkin stuff, and all the best.

Plainswander the Druid

Foofy said...

Thank you, I knew people read my blog, but didn't expect anyone to post about anything I really said. But as you stated as well as myself..blizzard at this point made this talent really mut. All that it had going for it was a chance to stun in PVP.

With horribly scaling damage, its only good for using to farm. It has no place in PVE or PVP at this time.