About Me


Hello! My name is Foofy! My name was originally Grandstorm back in Vanilla of March 2005. I joined the game after being asked to play for my Science Teacher while being his Student Aid. He was trying to level a Paladin while teaching class.

Hes the nerd who got me into this game. :< I've played every class to atleast 60 due to my Altoholic nature. I've been a Tauren, Troll, Worgen, and Night Elf in this game; all on my druid. I've been Resto and Balance. I haven't had much experience of Feral yet but have dabbled in Tanking. So don't expect much Feral knowledge from me though I do enjoy a good Mangle Thread.

Who I am

I am a married World of Warcraft Player. I play during my free time. This is my Hobby and I enjoy it alot. So I can happily say I have over 412 days played on my main with around 20-40 days on my alts. Don't like it? Oh well. I pay to play and have fun. Which is what I make sure I end up doing in the end.

I enjoy raiding. Raiding is one of the main reasons why I play this game. I always enjoy the endgame scene and tend to stick away from PVP unless its random World PVP which is always fun! Battlegrounds and Arenas are not my thing. I enjoy the random nature of World PVP instead of a duel in a box (so to speak)

What am I doing here?

This blog was made just for me to have a place to write down my thoughts about the game. It was not meant to be anything special though it appears to have grown a small crowd. I don't ever want to be E-Famous as I feel it causes to much drama. I enjoy my quiet life though a tell every now and then about the video series I made always will bring a smile to my face.

Currently, I use my blog to just post about what I am doing as well as Raiding Basics information. All the information I get is through other sources. Other Theorycrafters, websites, spreadsheets. I just like to make them because I know..like everyone else out there, I hate having to read through PAGES upon PAGES to find a simple answer.

What I wish to accomplish in this game

I wish to beat the game and have fun doing it. I wish to make friends in the game I remember for ages to come. I want to be able to recall the life I wasted away on this game and remember..I had fun doing it.