Current Recruitment

Crisp is a raiding guild on the US Server Baelgun. We are a 25man guild only with a Loot Council System in place. We raid 4 days a week for 3 1/2 Hours each day. We have a range of attitudes in the guild, which are all welcoming, Should you be interested in more information please visit:

Current Progression:
6/8 HM 25man Dragonsoul

7/7 Heroic 25man (79th US 25man) Firelands

Exact Raid Days and Times:
Monday: 5:30 PST - 8:00PST (8:30EST - 12EST)
Tuseday: 5:30 PST - 8:00PST (8:30EST - 12EST)
Wednesday: 5:30 PST - 8:00PST (8:30EST - 12EST)
Thursday:5:30 PST - 8:00PST (8:30EST - 12EST)

Friday- Offnight (Guild GDKP Run/Realm pug)
Saturday- Alt Night for Guildies

Friday/Saturday- Achievement Runs for Nerdpoint Horders

Current Recruitment Needs: