Thursday, January 21, 2010

Death to the Blood Queen!

Yeah, of course I'm gonna post about this! Why wouldn't I? This is a massive dps race!

I wont lie, icecrown isn't hard. Only thing hard is learning fights you never seen with an attempt counter of 10/15. Alot of guilds are running their alts through first to learn the fights, then using the mains for the real attempts. We however don't have geared alts for that (Trying to start up a 25m ICC alt run every week though..I'm a terrible ret :P )

Anyway, We played with this boss only on 10m on the PTR. We kept hitting her enrage around 1-2%. This was in gear before we killed Anub'arak 25m Heroic. So we wasn't really geared. So we should have no issue with her in 10m. However, 25man..OH ELUNELY. You can really bite the bucket on this fight if something goes wrong.

Someone biting the wrong person and people freaking out. Dps not getting bite first, Someone dcing (We had 2 people dc in the same fight..oi) and with them dcing and us wiping, we was afraid they would log in and pull the boss, wasting another attempt. Which I'm sure several people have seen done. Hell, our Feral druid afk ran into Putricide wasting an attempt. And yes, hes the joke of the guild in terms of everyone making fun of him.

Anyway, back to Queen..I sat out for our first Putricide kill since alot of people wanted loot off him and movement kills moonkin dps. Especially with our strat. We have everyone switch sides between oozes so we are always at max distance. So I never get to just stand and cast (would be nice though). Blood Queen however. I can stand and cast for the longest time. I love it! A few attempts I was peaking 10k without bloodlust, pot, Bite, or anything. Then of course there was other times she thought it would be funny to continuely give me the purple fire debuff or link me with 3 other people. Overall, I'm happy with my dps on this fight. Though I could have done better, but looking over the fight, I had stuff that interfered so it wasn't bad play on my part.

Phase 2 is a short time of dps loss, just because of being feared and maybe moving away from people. Either way, it went well when people learned to do what they was supposed to.

Anyway, like I said. I'm overall happy with how I did. And since I had a few people ask me, here is our Guild's Blood Queen Kill Parse!

Happy hunting in Icecrown!

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Megami said...

Congrats on your kill!

Is 10k peak dps a normal thing for you when you can stand and cast? That's crazy, I don't think I've gotten that high with heroism yet. I must be missing something.

My guild has had a lot of problems getting people to log in so we haven't attempted Putricide or the new wing, aside from trash. Le sigh.

Blood Queen sounds like a fun fight, similar to the Illidari Council in BT.