Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nibelung, Valkyr, and AE

First off, I'll start off with how this item first appeared people liked it and hated it. RNG on the first day was terrible. Some people couldn't get it to proc. Others lost a good bit of stats if they tried to equip this weapon. Myself, I lost crit and haste. I used this weapon mainly for heroics just to play with. However, lately I was using it in raids just to get a few parses.


The proc of this staff is a Pet Valkyr, it lasts 30 seconds. It has no internal cooldown and some people have seen from 4-6 of them proc'ing off hurricane spam on trash. It can proc on any form of damage spell. Hell, it can even proc off a rip tick as a feral.

The pet itself, is a neat little thing to stare at. Sometimes it picks up the colors of the area around it, so it can color change. But there is an issue with this proc. These things die. I mean, DIE FAST.

Our treants got buffed to resist alot of the AE damage that goes out, so they last longer. These things spawn with 12k health, die in 1 ae. They die all the time for Lady DeathWhisper, standing in the Death and Decay. They die to Bone Storm and ColdFlame. Gunship, I am in a cannon so I never to get to use it. But when I am pushed out, I'll Ae the adds on the boat, It will proc and as soon as I get back in the cannon, it stops its attack. What a waste.

Saurfang it never seems to proc but when it does it can die from being to close to me during Blood Nova.  These things get destroyed during Festergut and Rotface. The professor as well.

What can improve on this weapon?
The main thing that needs to be improved is giving these pets that spawn a Resistance to AE. They die way to fast.  Blizzard however already buffed their damage.

The val’kyrs spawned by the Nibelung staff will now always hit with their smite attack and their damage has been increased for both normal and heroic versions of the staff.

Would you use it?
Even though I lose a bit of stats, yeah..I'd use it for the proc. However with them constantly dieing so fast, it becomes the issue of if their up-time is worth the stat loss.

Anything else to add Mrs. Foofy? 
No, not really, just would like to see these things last longer. I don't care for a pet bar like some people are asking for. Just a little more alive-time would fix alot of the problems.


Anonymous said...

One of our warlocks finally got this one to drop for him this week. Honestly, it's a major downgrade for me, so I probably wouldn't be fighting anyone over it. But if nobody wanted it, I'd DEFINITELY take it for the novelty alone. That thing is just too cool!

Villainus said...

I've had the staff since the Patch week and my logs have consistently shown it to be well worth the trade in stats. I previously had the Heroic Illumination staff so I lost 100+ Haste and Crit.
The angels account for 5-7% of my damage in a 25man boss encounter and are slightly better now that their chance to miss has been removed. However my damage has increased proportionally with other upgrades, so they still account for the same percentage of my damage.
The obvious reason it is well suited to a moonkin is our haste and crit softcaps. The staff prolongs crossing these lines a bit.
The other nice benefit that dovetails so nicely with moonkin is our 4set bonus. The Languish dots from Wrath and Starfire will be extra, FREE, damaging spells that can proc the angels. These add to our chances-to-proc/second and will result in a higher uptime.
Some classes just aren't suited to make the most of a 1% proc rate as well as us. We have Starfall's individual stars, Typhoon as an instant AoE with each target hit counting individually, each Hurricane strike, two DoTs, Wrath and Starfire. Soon we will have the two Languish DoTs as well.
Ideally you can have a secondary weapon for the high-AoE damage fights that murder our angels. Blizzard has 'buffed' them to be the same benefit as Bryntroll or other proc weapons IF they survive the full 30 seconds and are actively attacking. If they add the 95% reduced AoE damage to them as pets, then we'll actually have a complete weapon.