Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Its over

Finally, its over. We killed Yogg-Saron.

This fight is definitely the step up in difficulty that many raiders including myself was looking forward to. This fight needs to be executed right or you can wipe over a hundred times to phase 1. Yeah, we did wipe about 45 times in phase 1 because for 22 wipes, we had no idea that running through the clouds would spawn more adds. We figured it was part of the fight, especially since there wasn't any strats out that we could find.

Well, we bunkered down, watched an awesome video of a Warrior explaining the fight as they killed him and then, came up with a plan of our own. It only took about 4 times going into Phase 3 to bring out a Win.

Overall, our melee kept getting Mc'd, but it was nice to kill Azamath for once. He made me run out and get food when it was totally his turn!

Either way, I fraps'd the whole fight, he did as well so I'm rendering the movie now and will post it on here as soon as possible.

I hope everyone who has a chance to see Yogg will enjoy the fight! Its really fun! Wiping is fun too when you try to kill people (its Felmyst all over again! GET YOUR REVENGE NOW!)

Look here at our Progress!


Anonymous said...

Grats on your kill :D
The server went down on us and the closest we got was 7%. I'm a rather depressed moonkin right now :( But I very much look forward to watching your fraps

Syll said...

wow! excellent job! grats on getting the big, bad boogie down!!!

mooresnow said...

Wow, excellent, what is that song, I love it =D

Anonymous said...

Belated grats! We finally got him last week, and I have to agree that it's some of Blizzard's better work.

Sadly, we fail at frapsing.