Sunday, April 26, 2009

Noble Garden: Lets shake your Money Maker!

Well, Noble Garden is out! It was delayed due to 3.1, so everyone is rushing to get it done and over with. You will run into the following:

1) Egg Stealers
2) Nothing but Chocolate from eggs
3) Refusal to drop dresses
4) To many Tux's
5) More Egg Stealers

Yes, people are being their normal human selves and only looking out for themselves. So here are a few tips for how to get your eggs and items fast!

1) Find yourself a spawn area.

Example: In Bloodhoof Village, sit on a set of stairs (I suggest the stairs around the kodo tent, pointing to Thunderbluff). On this set of stairs, 3-4 eggs can spawn between the cracks. You barely have to move and they take about 1 minute to spawn or less, and will chain spawn on you at times.

2) If you are going to run around and look for eggs, be sure to equip your basket and make a full circle in the area you wish to cover. The basket upon use increases your speed, so you can cover more ground

Neat Spawn areas (Horde Only..I refuse to try alliance side due to population)

1. BloodHoof- As I stated, the stairs to the kodo tent pointing towards Thunderbluff

2. Falconwing Square- The fountain practically drains these eggs out, it has about 8 spawn spots for you.

3. Razorhill- Keep around the Inn, You will find several spawn spots towards the Engineer trainer.

4. Brill- Do your best to keeping near the buildings and carts, they spawn fast and go fast

Need more help?

If you need more help, there is a guide on MMO-Champ I suggest looking at. I also heard there is a mod, but I wouldn't know since I just camped spawn areas.

Also, if you use Auto Clicker, I suggest removing it. It is a bannable offense and GM's are on the prowl. So please, play fair :)

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