Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Far, hows it Going, and WTF?

Alrighty! Lets get down to business!

Since Ulduar has come out, my guild and I have been raiding non stop to try and grab Server first (we could care less about world ranking as we will never probably ever see those other guilds). We were one of the few, the proud..the X-t Trash killers!

That's right! We spent 45 minutes plus kiting X-T trash around so we could kill the boss. And seriously, Mimiron's trash? Those sappers are annoying. We ended up having to kite every single pack. That was fun.

Then dealing with the Dark Glare issue if someone during phase 4 died to it and then he decided to do a 360 around the room with it still active, killing everyone....sigh

Anyway, my overall impression of Ulduar is about a 8/10. Its nice and a change of pace from clearing Naxx every night. Its definitely a step up in difficulty on some fights and will give some guilds a few nights to down a boss.

Solar Rotation info:

Some people have been asking me about the solar rotation. This set requires crit gear, high spelldamage, and procing the solar eclipse with starfire. The rotation is as follows:

Moonfire, Starfire..Proc!
Insect Swarm, Wrath Spam

Now, this is where you wonder.. Whats next Foofy? Which Idol should I use? Well, this is where you are like..WOW! OMG! THATS AWESOME!

With the change to Wrath with its damage, while on cooldown, you just stick with IS/Wrath. When you get around 2-3 seconds before the cooldown is up, switch me MF, Starfire.

Since you will be spamming wrath so much, the Wrath idol will pass over the SF idol for this.

Anyway, thats it for me! Have fun all!


Sarah said...

Hey Foofy.

I have the crit gear to support a Solar rotation, but I'm curious. If you've tested a Lunar rotation, how have the two compared? I recall you having another Moonkin in your guild, and if he's running Lunar, which one of you typically outperforms the other?

I also have 2pc t8 (one Valorous, one Conqueror's) at my disposal. Since the Solar rotation is heavily crit dependent, would you recommend me sticking with 4pc t7 until I get more Ulduar offset gear, or go ahead with the 2pc t8?



Foofy said...

He actually decided to go solar. However, hes heavier on haste than I am and I'm heavier on crit so its back and forth on that.

As for gear, depends on what your gear is now. If you have mostly valor and almost all BiS, I wouldn't change just yet. I would wait till you have both 8.5

Sarah said...

Yeah, I was only two off BiS before. Thanks for the help!


Anonymous said...

Hi Foofy :)

I recently found your blog, as I'm reading up on solar eclipse and you came up. I'm questioning this rotation, is it really worth throwing up insect swarm at the beginning of solar eclipse. You would lose one second due to GCD which could alternatively be a wrath since I'm assuming anyone at this gear level will be at exactly one second wraths with nature's grace. I don't see 3% increased dmg to wrath making up for a missed wrath. Could you not MF IS > Starfire til eclipse?

Btw, I'm not trying to prove you wrong, just looking to improve my own understanding as I got my 2nd piece of 8.5 from vault last night and I'm looking to test this out.

Foofy said...

Right now, there is no sure fire way on testing. The numbers are still being crunched. Some people like to IS, MF, then starfire until wrath proc. With solar going off crit, sometimes it takes a few casts for your starfire to crit and proc. Most of the time IS drops off while the eclipse proc is up. So for my rotation I just use the global and put it up during the start of the proc.

While you are right, it is a waste of a global, its easier for me to maintain during a movement fight. But you are right, MF, IS, then Starfire will be the better alternative.

As for t8 peices, I would suggest looking at Graylo's blog for the tier dps stats being compared. Depending on which pieces you have, the gloves and chest will be the best t8.5 pieces to get while you work on offset pieces around it.

I will personally be grabbing the chest and gloves and keeping my helm and shoulders of t7.5 so I keep the 2pc bonus active until I get enough offset pieces to it to even out or become better with overall damage.

Don Luca said...

Hi again!

I've been testing around various rotation, specs and gears and as of now, with 4 t7.5 pieces the best dps output I had on naxx and ulduar bosses was as follows:

I'm using this spec

I lowered my haste from 605 down to 500 to boost crit a bit.

The rotation is a bit complex because heroism changes the game.

I'm going solar with IS -> MF -> SF (till proc) -> IS -> W (till proc ends) -> IS -> MF -> SF (till CD is up), repeat

When the raid leader announces that he is about to call a heroism, I switch lunar starting spamming wrath till proc, MF and SF until heroism is finished, then back to the solar rotation written above.

I'm still using the SF idol because it contributes a lot more than the Wrath one... unless you're going completely solar, of course ;)

What do you think about it? Wise or not? Maybe just luck?

Sorry if I haven't made myfself clear enough, I'm italian :P

Thanks for all your tips! :D

Rømeø of Crushridge (EU)