Saturday, October 1, 2011

What Set are you making?

After playing with Transmogging on the PTR, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to look badass. Also that everyone seems to be using t6 or Sunwell gear for their mogging. Now on the PTR right now, there are no rules besides the leather for leather or cloth for cloth.

You can use the Invisible Chest as well as apparently fish. I rather not see anyone running around trying to dps a boss with a fish, however the Invisible Chest is just amazing! It literally is invisible and allows you to see your shirt underneath or just nothing. Great for male toons, but only good for females if that want that bikini look.

Because of this, I wanted to make a third set for Transmogging incase they allow the chest to be used. Here is what I came up with.
This is the set I came up with. IF they allow us to use the invisible chestpiece.

I have everything I need for this except my helm. Which doesn't want to drop (5 weeks now). I should have it all ready before then. However, if they do not allow us to use the chest, then thats ok. I have full T2, T6, T4, and Rogue look-a-like T6 for me to wear :3

Yeah, I love to play dress up. This transmogging thing is fucking awesome <3



Unknown said...
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Allorah said...

I'm going for T8. I think its the prettiest set for my lil druid. Add Rapture (staff) or an off color of it and I'm set!

Just need shoulders and staff! LFM Uld 10! gogo! lol

Allorah said...

I also don't believe they will allow invisible chests.. :-(

Foofy said...

Its ok, I have about 4 other sets I can use :3

Shinryu said...

Boy everyone likes the demonslayer look...I personally used Blazewing's Furious Kilt, but yours makes for a better...nature option I guess?

But yeah, since they likely won't allow invisible chests (boo), gonna end up with T6 myself, maybe a rogue set or 2 also.

Foofy said...

Yeah, Just missing my helm and chest for my rogue set (/stab illidan) But I will always enjoy my t4. I think its the feathers.. I <3 Feathers.

Another outfit I made my gm says makes me look like a dominatrix. I think its funny.