Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Sorry, Power Rangers Theme stuck in my head..



Anyway... I'm sure many if not all of you have seen the Nerf coming to our Wild Growth. As others and I will continue to state.. "WTF"

Being a Resto Druid you bring certain things to a raid.

Mark of the Wild
Innervate (lol?)
Awesome Raid Healing

Now, lets not only Nerf our Wild Growth by 20%, but the glyph as well!

(math by Pawwz)
If we don't take the glyph in 4.3:

Current healing: 6X per 8 seconds (no reason not to take the glyph right now)
After the patch: 5(0.8X) = 4X per 8 seconds
4X/8s is 66% of 6X/8s

a 33% nerf

If we do take the glyph in 4.3:

Current healing: 6X/8s = 0.75X/s
After the Patch: 6(0.8X)/10s = 0.48X/s

0.48X/s is 64% of 0.75X/s

a 36% nerf

To put this in perspective, if 40% of our healing on a raid damage heavy fight is Wild Growth
this is almost a 15% nerf to our overall healing.

Now, thats 15% overall healing. Thats pretty much a good chunk of our healing output. After all, thats all we really got when it comes to raiding. Why do I say that?

Mark of the Wild - Shared with Paladins
Innervate (can only go to ourselves now..nerfed to the ground for others)
Awesome raid.. Oh wait..nerfed
Rebirth (Can be done by a Warlock and Death Knight)

So, now! Lets look at Priests with their buffs included!
Power Word Barrier
Now Awesome Raid Healing
Pain Supression
Hymn of Hope

I dunno. It seems Druids are getting the huge fat ass end of the stick on this one right now. And my Lord, don't even bring up PVP on the druid forums right now :(

Of course, it all can change, but right now.. I'm a very angry Foofy.

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