Friday, September 9, 2011

The Spread of Stupid on the forums is getting out of control

I read the forums every now and then. I don't post much because there just isn't much to answer too. I will always post on TMR more than anywhere else because the small limit if "Stupid" on the forums.

The World of Warcraft forums are mostly trolls or people who just spread information that isn't correct. I try to keep an eye on the druid forums every so often to make sure I didn't miss anything important. However, several weeks ago, someone posted asking if they should pick up an item or not. I personally looked at their armory (Yes they could use work on the toon, but I wasn't going to be mean) and stated that they should pick the item up. It was definitely better than anything they had.

They asked if it was BIS. Unless they were unable to go back and do Sinestra..then was. Of course people were quick to respond saying it wasn't and Shard of Woe was. Then some random guy comes out and makes me facepalm.

"Also, foofy, just so you know, furor is way, way, way, better than moonglow in your gear."

Now, I don't know where this rumor started, but I would love to stop it. Especially since the basic rule is if the fight is under 3 minutes, Furor >Moonglow. But what fight in Firelands is 3 minutes or less right now? Heroic Baleroc is about 5 minutes or more and thats one of the faster fights. Also Moonglow works the more you cast, so you are still saving more.

For those who may not know, this is how it works (All from love this site <3)

Moonglow vs. Furor graph

Things we learn from this:
  • Furor gets better with larger mana pools.
  • Moonglow gets better with the amount of spells you cast. It gets better in relation to Furor as the fights get longer.
  • At current mana levels Moonglow will provide more of a benefit than Furor on any fight longer than 3 minutes.
  • Furor will not become competitive with Moonglow until our mana pools start hitting 150,ooo (at least) and even then, only on the shorter fights.
 I love the fact that she made it so easy for people. I just wish more people would read it. I also want to have babies with Jasyla...Just sayin

And no, I'm not trying to pick on the guy who said this. I'm just fed up with the fact that so much wrong information goes across the WoW forums and the people who know better don't say anything. By not saying anything, the information is then picked up by people just reading the forums for information. Thus not seeing the person corrected.."Oh that must be right!" Then it starts the chain. :(

So help the WoW forums..

Stop the Spread of Stupid!

If you see something wrong, correct it. Show them the math if available. Hell..even correct me if I'm wrong for all I care. Anything to help the forums!

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