Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So whats next?

So, I've been thinking. Alot...

About what? The game of course.

I have been playing this game since March 2005. Pretty much the entire time I have been my druid. Even when I wasn't for about 6 months (on my paladin helping the guild)..I still did Alt raids with her and kept her up to date on everything.

I've been Restoration and Moonkin. I'm not much in to Melee, but last time I really tried it was back in Vanilla with my rogue. I recently leveled an Enhancement shaman 1-85 with 3 days and 7 hours of play time. I actually really enjoyed it. Not saying I will go to the Shaman or not. But Melee isn't as bad as I thought it to be.

So now it becomes..what have I done in the game? Most people change classes every Xpac to see all they can of the game. With me being the same character..I've gotten so many nerd points, rare mounts and pets that I don't want to step back and try to get them all again. Especially since some I just can't get anymore (Black and Plagued Proto Drake, Original ZA Bear).

So unless they end up creating these to be available on all characters, I feel I will have an automatic attachment to my druid no matter what I try. So, I'm starting to wonder. Right now, I'm moonkin more than I am resto for my guild. Dpsing in full resto gear with a resto meta is fun and all, especially when I'm pulling some nice numbers doing it (Totally using spirit to be hitcapped..LOL).

So, what haven't I done? Tanking/Melee Dps of course! Well, I mean on this toon. I loved Tanking on my Death Knight and Paladin for Alt runs and I enjoy being in control. The leader so to speak. I did tank on Foofy several times in Wrath to help out alt runs as well. I loved it. But when it came to Cataclysm, we didn't need another bear druid. We needed a healer. So..I went resto.

I have already been told I'm a great healer. I was even in a top 30 US guild (They had no room for my husband and Husband > WoW). So its not like I'm terrible at it, though I feel like I am so much. Moonkin itself just doesn't appeal to me. I think I just hate the slider bar so much my brain kicks into Starfire Spam mode like back in Wrath when you could pick one eclipse and stick with it.

So, I have been really thinking about it. I think its time I finally push forward something new and exciting for me. I think its time I start working on Feral Tank gear. Sure..I won't probably be able to tank this Xpac. But hell, I'll sure work for it next xpac. I mean..apparently its not as far away as I thought it would be.

So, should I try out Feral tanking for next Xpac/BH runs (current) or should I just look into praying Pandas come to life and reroll a brewmaster? (lol)

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Shinryu said...

Well to be fair, next expansion will likely raise the level cap anyways, so gear collecting is a rather moot point...that and feral tanking is so ridiculously easy, it's not like you have to practice.