Saturday, September 24, 2011

If you were to quit the game today...

Q:If you were to quit the game today, what would you like to see done? What do you think you have accomplished in your entire time? Do you think you would go in out in a bang? How about if people would remember you?

Several theorycrafters who have left the game got something placed in the game to remember them by. Items, npcs, etc. If I were to quit the game, I wouldn't want an item to be named after me. I want an NPC! I would want an NPC who looks exactly like my toon, the day I quit. I want her to be RP walking around either Orgrimmar or Stormwind..depending on where I end up before I leave.

I would give her only the ability to walk around. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a random NPC who will appear maybe 2 times a week like a rare spawn and sell something fun. A rare pet maybe..a little bear look a-like druid or maybe a kitty. That would be pretty cool.

Overall however, I think just counting up the time I've played; I've accomplished alot. I've seen endgame content and seen stuff die. I've been killed in PVP and have killed people in PVP. I've enjoyed the game. Now the question becomes...would I go out with a bang? Probably not. I more than likely would just go "Hey I'm done"..Post on the druid forums saying bye to people.

Same with TMR and BearINC and just disappear. I wouldn't do anything to get my account banned. I wouldn't sell it. Nadda. Just kinda ride off in to the sunset. As for being remembered, I don't think anyone would remember me. I'm not E-famous like other people. So I think slipping away would be easy.

And thats how I would hope to go out :3

So, how would you go out? Post it on you blog and link it here so I can read it. Always interesting to see what others come up with.


Anonymous said...

Oooo random spawn NPC walking around time is cool idea!

I would simply just vanish. >_< I'm no one special.

Stommped said...

Speaking of TMR, where is it? >.>

Foofy said...

I checked it this morning, twas fine. Checked it at blew up.

Must be the server :<

Shinryu said...

I wouldn't mind a simple questline like what Bridenbrad had in wotlk, thought that was a very fitting tribute to a real life person who sadly passed.

If not that, simple item would do, maybe a fun effect one even.