Monday, June 27, 2011

Resto Druid Basics 101

Releasing it a few hours early. So people can either read the guide at Restokin or watch it here.

Later folks!

(PS, yes I did transfer servers after I made the video)


Q) If I cast a hot on someone and then gain harmony, does my hot automatically gain harmony?
A) No, you need to recast the hot with the buff. If the hot is lifebloom, you cast a spell to refresh it to allow it to gain the mastery buff.

Q)If I lose Harmony in mid Hot Tick, does my hot still hold the benefit?
A)Your HOTs full duration will be applied with Harmony. If you overwrite the HOT with another HOT that is not buffed with Harmony, you will decrease healing done by your HOT.

Please note, you will NOT receive a message saying "A more powerful Spell is Active"


Anonymous said...

Cool ^O^ I enjoy watching these.

snuzzle said...

Very nice basic guide for Resto newbies. ;)