Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RaidBot - Lets Compare Parses!

I ended up joining a new guild, Excessive Gaming on Illidan. I still love Reawaken. Their atmosphere is nothing but amazing and I miss it already. I however just wasn't having fun much anymore. I know the grass isn't greener on the other side, but its the chance I have to keep my interest in the game. I still hop over there and talk to guildies and farm herbs for them. I will always love it there.

Anyway, one of the guild's old Restoration Druids was talking in the channel where me, Buttershkan, and Jdn were. Talking about this neat little thing he found.


This site is pretty helpful. Especially when comparing your dps to others as well as trying to see what you may be doing differently then someone else. Especially if you have a gap in hps/dps/tps and wish to change that. You can click Compare Bot and start on your way.

The site gives a nice breakdown of information! Its very easy to use so screenshots won't be needed here.

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