Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Reforging blows minds!

Literally, I love to confuse the hell out of people. But oh well!

I love to keep stuff even or work on one stat a bit more than another. Its from my moonkin days that I have this following. Now I'm not the best healer, nor do I strive to be. As long as my targets stay alive, I pat myself on the back. Unless they stand in fire during Heroic Magmaw. Then I just facepalm them.

Anyway, we get several stats to work with when reforging. I follow my own rule when I do it. Some people tell me "MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND WHEN YOU REFORGE".

Answer is: My mind is made up. I follow this solution below.



Example 1: Haste item (Leave Alone)
Example 2: Mastery Item -- Reforge with Haste
Example 3: Crit Item-- Reforge to Mastery

Some people are like "You only need 915 haste!" But you shouldn't limit yourself on that number alone. That number includes the Nature's Grace Proc (15% haste). If you get a Warlock's DI, thats even better. I get it sometimes, I don't know who gives it to me, but I love them for it. The main thing is, relying on a buff to reach the cap you need which needs to proc or cast a mana costing spell out of OOC is silly. Don't be afraid of haste guys. Just don't over stack it like a fucktard.

People have also asked about my specs. Which one I enjoy the most, why they are what they are..etc.

My first spec is 5/1/35. I use this for fights with heavy AE damage. . Some damage reduction for me and some power and a little bit of mana for my spells.

My second spec is my output spec. 8/0/33. I use this spec about everywhere. In heroics healing random kids who like to chain pull stuff, mass pull, no Crowd Control, be squishy as hell. You name it.In Raiding, I use this for fights like Heroic Magmaw since faster Nourishs are the bomb to heal up the group I'm assigned to. And just tossing someone a Rej actually helps them live.

Anyway, thats why I look so nubish (as people call me) but I don't mind. Making people have to ask me what I'm doing just brings a smile to my face =3


Tariq said...


I was just wondering if you have ever tried moving 2 points from Blessing of the Grove to Genesis. My reasoning is that both spell give a 4% buff to Rejuv but Genesis has the added benefit of affecting the rest of our HoTs and Swiftmend. I'm tempted to try it but I'm not that great at healing yet to judge the efficiency of that spec.

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks =)

Foofy said...


One of my spec's has it. I don't know if you didn't read or click the link of the spec. But yes..I use Genesis, but 3/3.