Friday, February 11, 2011

My Little Update

Few things to start off:

1) Got Heroic Maloriak down (25man)
2) Heroic Conclave of Wind can Kiss my Fat Ass
3) Cinderblooms are dangerous. Kill on sight.

Anyway, some people have asked how I am liking Resto. Mainly those who enjoy still chating with me even when I'm not a moonkin anymore (except for the picture above..Gotta get my dailies done!). Asking how my mana was, why I change specs almost every day.

I like to experiment. The other resto in our guild does to. Right now, we share our Innervates and we both end fights around 10% or less mana. Which is the best you can do. You are sending out heals and you aren't oom within the middle of the fight and doing your job.  So Overall, I'm happy with it.

I hope you all noticed the pretty kickass Idle Animation Treeform got. It also dances! Yeah...

Also, a little note to those who raid and dread logging on to wipe to a boss for 4 hours.

1) Open your Browser
2) Type in
3) Create a station called "Under the Sea"
4) Be entertained for hours on end.

Well, thats all for my update! Later kids!

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