Sunday, February 27, 2011

My BiS List

I used to always post a list of the Loot I was going for when I was moonkin. This will not change since I'm Resto. My set is centered around tank healing. It puts me at 1600 haste and 14%+. I tank heal more than I raid heal. I enjoy doing such. I feel much better about healing a set person, especially since the tank I'm normally healing doesn't stand in stupid shit and is pretty pro about doing what he needs to do.

So, the set below has the total stats when gemmed and enchanted <--Link to see the set on a dev)

Health:  122503
Mana: 106329
Intellect: 6083
Spirit: 2523

Spellpower: 8280
Haste: 12.49% (1600)
Crit: 16.40%
Mastery: 14.69

Helm: Stormrider's Helm
Neck: Valiona's Medallion
Shoulder: Stormrider's Mantle
Back:  Drape of the Twins
Chest: Stormrider's Robes
Bracers: Manacles of the Sleeping Beast
Gloves: Stormrider's Handwraps
Belt: Gale Rouser Belt (Of the Undertow) -Random Enchant
Legs: Leggings of Consuming Flames
Feet: Nightmare Rider's Boots
Finger 1: Signet of the Fifth Circle
Finger 2: Planetary Band (of the Undertow) - Random Enchant
Trinket 1: Darkmoon Card: Tsunami
Trinket 2: Fall of Mortality

Weapon: Andoros. Fist of the Dragon King
Offhand: Scepter of Ice

Ps: To lazy to turn these into links. So instead of turning these into links, I drew you a picture instead!

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Solitudeone said...

Hmmm? Hope the set looks as good as the picture :)