Monday, January 24, 2011

The Altoholic in me

I'm a member AA (Altoholics Anonymous) of course saying so means I'm not Anonymous anymore =(

But, I decided to give another go at playing a Hunter since so much has changed in Cata with them. This would be..Um? Maybe my fifth hunter?

1) Original Toon, only made to level 40 before rerolling to Foofy
2) Alt Hunter Orc in BC, leveled to 70 and left to rot on a secondary account (<_<)
3) Leveled another Hunter to 70 on main account, got bored and deleted it
4) Pear (still alive amazing)
5) Grandestorm (still alive)

Ok, so she is my sixth hunter..My bad. I've tried hunters so many times. I always wanted a hunter I can just play in my off time. Each time I start one I grow insanely bored with it. The ones I got to 70 took me months of forcing myself to log on and do a quest or two for an hour. I would always end up logging off and onto Foofy to afk in the Major City or chat in trade chat. Thats how bad it was for me.

But yeah, I always wanted a hunter. A chance to tame some neat looking pets, not always be in a skirt. You know how it goes right?

Well, I think I found my love for them finally. I now introduce the name I was originally going to go with if I went with my Death Knight..


She will now become my Sixth Hunter! I will more than likely level her to 85 since its so much fun now. I also had to get my white Kitty and name him Mota. =D

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