Monday, January 17, 2011

No, I'm not drunk

So I may have hit the liquor cabinet last night, but that doesn't excuse my beautiful peace of work! Don't hate that I'm an amazing artist and should be getting paid.

But enough of that! Time to get a real blog post up here!

 Now, my guild has been working on the normal boss kills. We just recently killed Nef. Since Resto druids are amazing right now, I sat out for our Shadow priest to go Holy/Disc and the raid to have a constant incoming of bubbles and shields.

While I understand Resto druids feel like they are at the short end of the stick, I know it won't last long. Me, personally? I enjoy a challenge. PTR seems fun with having nourish cast faster when 3 rejs are out. Especially since now I can keep more than 1 out without OOMing myself.

As for moonkin, their compensation?

Buffing Wild Mushroom.

I see it a mile away!

- Hi star.

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