Thursday, January 27, 2011

My last Week as a Cow

I have finally been convinced to go Troll for the racial Berserking they have. I have put it off for so long since I have been a female Tauren for what seems to be about 6 years now. When Trolls were introduced to be the new Druid Class, I knew pretty much everyone and their mother would go troll. Apparently a lot of people don't like to play cows. I wanted to remain one of the few Cows left. However, when I look at Top Parses of Resto Druids, all I see is Berserking being popped. That Extra haste does add up when placed in with hots.

When I look at the logs; you will find maybe 1-3 Tauren Druids. Everything else is all Trolls and Worgen. Maybe 1-3 Night Elves. The Trolls have higher output if you look at them, even if they don't have high HPS because they aren't spamming the entire time.

So, with working on hardmodes, I know the haste will help. I hate losing my tail but Haninozuka talked me in to going Troll. I will probably be Female Troll since my Husband still doesn't want me to be a Male Troll. I suppose atleast I can be that awesome YELLOW BEAR in the corner for all our screenshots now.

So in this last week of a Cow, I'm taking Screenshots to remember the good times. I thought of making a video with sappy music; but I thought that would be going overboard since I have so many damn random screenshots anyway.

So with that, Foofy/Breads the Tauren cow is now making TAUREN druids one less in the world; even more of an endangered species.

                                      Server First Tauren (And druid at that) For Wrath

Foofy/Grandstorm back in Vanilla (ZG RAIDER)
Bloodsail Foofy Reporting in!
I stole Cloth and they clothies QQ'd
The Famous Foofy Screenshot
Gone for a Swim
Relaxing under a waterfall
My Final Week as a Cow =(


Shinryu said...

Sad :(

Well, as long as you're the one content making the decision, best of luck as a troll.

Anonymous said...

Cows are so cute. I wish you the best of luck as a troll and their big toe XD