Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Leveling Strategy

Oh wait, I don't have one! =D

In all seriousness; I am racing to 85. Not for Class first, but to get back to the heavy grind ahead of a new expansion and get to work in raiding. Hoping to join the guild in another round of Server Firsts!

I do have a resto list of items I am going for. Its not set in stone; but a basic set I am aiming for. I wanted to try and make Int>Spirit>Haste Crit=Mastery. I wanted to keep it on this scale but try and even out Crit and Mastery.

(The following set was made possible by

Chest: Robes of Forgetfulness - 2200 justice points

Feet: Awakening Footfalls - Anhuur in Halls of Origination (H)

Hands: Deep Delving Gloves – Slabhide in Stonecore (H)

Head: Cluster of Stars – 2200 Justice Points

Legs: Leggings of late blooms -  2200 justice points

Shoulders: Mantle of Bestilled Winds - Altarius, Vortex Pinnacle (H)

Waist: Lightning Lash - Leatherworking

Wrist: Armbands of Change – Corla in Blackrock caverns (H)

Back: Periwinkle Cloak – Naz’jar in Throne of Tides (H)

Neck: Quicksilver Amulet - Karsh Steelbender in Blackrock Cavern (H)

Relic:  Book of the well sung song -  Deadmines

Ring 1: Band of life energy – Halls of Orientation (H)

Ring 2: Kibble - Blackrock Cavern (H)

Trinket 1: Tears Of Blood - Azil in Stonecore (H)

Trinket 2: Gale of shadows – Erudax in Grim Batol (H)

Weapon: Scepter of Power - Setesh in Halls of Orientation (H)

Offhand: Bioluminescent lamp - Nepulon in Throne of Tides (H)

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