Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello Cata!

And so, Cataclysm was released on Dec 7th, at 12:01 EST. However, after standing in line at Gamestop for 1-2 hours, I found out I was screwed. I had ordered two Collector's Editions. Preordered them, confirmed and paid.

However, when I get to the register, they have neither of them. Of course, I'm pissed. They had one to sell at the end, but ended up giving it to me. The other one got downgraded and I took it. This year I let my husband have the Collector's Edition since I got the Wrath one last year. All fine and dandy. He mainly wanted the pet, I wanted everything else.

I'm enjoy my new mousepad, artwork book, and some Loot cards we got in the box. One of the loot cards was a Landro's Giftbox, which my husband turned in and ended up getting a Spectral Tiger. I'm glad he got it since he had been bugging me for one since I got my own out of a booster pack.

My husband of course is a big Achievement Whore, so he wanted to get his Realm First Rogue. In the process, I ended up getting Realm First Druid, again. Yeah, 2 years now. Realm First Druid and him Realm First Rogue. If we had it in BC, it would be 3 times. We really need to stop being OP at leveling together.

Anyway, our guild took every server first Class but Shaman. That was just funny. Now we're farming heroics and trying to get some quick gear for raids. I can't wait to get into raiding! I'm loving the challenge healing is now. Making people pay attention or die. Its a great feeling. However, Nourish right now just seems so bad. Sure, its only like 1.6k mana to use. But its so weak. It just seems to be a spell you never want to touch (STILL). At this point, I'm just keeping lifebloom on the tank and using Healing Touch. Its more mana, but gets bigger heals off for spikes and refreshes Lifebloom. Been working well in Heroics so far and helping with Mana Conservation.

As for me, myself, and I. I'm so far almost done with my dungeon set. Still have a few pieces to replace, reps to find out and whatnot; but I'm loving Cataclysm so far and I hope you are all too :D

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