Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My last raid of Wrath

Today was our last raid of Wrath of the Lich King. Pretty much everyone decided to half ass everything, sit back and relax and do things; we normally wouldn't do.

Half the time I was just Insect Swarming and Sunfiring the boss with a full Solar eclipse up while holding 16k (Seriously overpowered). I did this for several boss fights just as a joke. Its the first time I got to play in ICC like a random game, and not a serious "THIS BOSS MUST DIE"

So yeah, we wiped a few times. We took longer than normal. Had people who where rerolling in ICC 25man Heroic modes in greens and blues. But you know what? I had fun. Even after wiping on Heroic Lich King which seemed for hours; we still killed him and called it an Xpac.

We got our GM a bit pissed at us due to the fact we was all playing badly. Especially with Defile. God, I never want to see that mechanic again. The fact that one idiot can kill an entire raid gets old so fast. And the Rebirth system with cooldown..God. That was so damn annoying. I have a ress up, can't use it. So the other druid who has a ress up can.

What is up with that?

Either way, as everyone knows, I'm going resto in Cata. Our guild moonkin is Now . Hes a big min/maxer. So if you guys wanna bug him about anything. I'll be sure to point you his way. =D

So, I'll see you folks next Xpac! Have fun leveling and don't kill yourselves trying to get to 85!

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