Sunday, November 28, 2010

Name Change Soon

So, I thought about the name I would be changing to. I was going to go back to my original name of Grandstorm, but I figured I wouldn't. I wanted something new, fresh, and more Tauren like. So I tested a few names out on WowArmory and I came up with one which is pretty good for me. Even if so many people have it.

So, Foofy will be disappearing soon, but I will be holding into the name for the Future incase I decide to pick it up again. So, if you can't find me on armory, don't worry about it. I'm not really a moonkin anymore as I am going Resto in Cata.

If you want to look at a Moonkin and Ask Moonkin questions, I highly suggest popinng over to DreamState Doomkin. He will be taking over the Moonkin Raiding Basics video series and would be the to ask any questions too :3

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