Sunday, December 12, 2010

Magmaw, the Evil AE Worm

So, first raid today. Amazingly fun. Here is my take on things so far.

Melee - Have it way to easy
Casters- Meh
Moonkin - Oom
Healers- Oom

My thoughts of Magmaw is this. Amazingly fun fight, simple fight, Challenging for healers. Mana at this point in the game will be an issue. Yes..there are QQ's all around saying to nerf stuff..its to hard. Or buff healers since Blizzard wanted us to stop and think about who we heal first.

I'm happy with how things are and would be disappointed to see them buff healers due to the QQ. So many things can help you out with healing if you look at other healer's abilities and stack them with your own. Anyway, now its time for us to play with the Council of BlackWing Descent.

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Anette Henriksen said...

I think only we have done this tactic but in 10man we got our hunter kiting all the worms, and the fight got silly easy. Usually all the worms where down each time he got exposed with just him kiting them. Then healers stopped going oom, I dident go oom and everything was silly easy :P

Good luck further on, Angie from TMR :)