Thursday, December 23, 2010

FAQ of the Druid Forum

The World of Warcraft has a very active Druid Forum. Of course most of it is the same thing, day in and day out right now. So I decided to make a little FAQ for the forum. Should you like it; you are more than welcomed to post the link to any post asking the same question that has an answer on this blog.

Druid Forum FAQ!

I saw Troll/Worgen Forms on MMO. When are they going in Game? I thought they were going to be released with Cataclysm.
You thought wrong. MMO posted DATAMINED models and thus were not officially placed in/officially announced. This means yes..Blizzard may have the model currently ingame. However! They may feel they are incomplete and will not release them until a later date. More likely a future patch.

Druid Healing right now is Terrible, Delete your Druid now!
 If your raid isn't taking you as a Resto Druid, you might want to take a look at the Logs on World of Logs or any other parse website. Druids are still being able to heal, and very well. Its a different style, some people may not be used to it. Also be sure to check your spec. See if you are doing anything wrong. Always start with the player...not the game.

Moonkin Forms are ugly
So are you.

Are the Moonkin Forms placeholders?
Blizzard said they want to redo all the Forms. They however are taking their time doing it. They said Moonkin was one of them. Relax, take a breather. They will preview the new forms when they are ready.

Wild Mushroom is a Terrible Spell?
Blizzard said we apparently haven't found a use for it yet. If anything, place them right before an AE pull. Place them down if you know adds are going to spawn from that direction if you want to have an easy time picking them up without moving. In pvp, they take a moment to explode, so melee can run right through them sometimes without getting the slowing debuff. So you may need to take the chance to explode them early. Or you know..Just don't use them at all.

Dot Threshold for the Extra HoT tick?
Assuming 5% haste buff
915 for the 5th tick of Rejuvenation
1220 for the 12th tick of Lifebloom
1423 for the useless 4th tick of Regrowth
2004 for the 9th tick of Wild Growth

Regrowth is bad!
We know this. Regrowth is a huge mana hog with little output to follow it. Stop spamming it in Tree of Life. This is why half of you go oom! Anyway, if you get an Omen of Clarity proc, I suggest using it. Or if you are going to top off that ONE player real fast to save a life.

Shapeshifting and Mounting..WTF?!
Yes, currently if you are in Moonkin; you have to break form to mount up. We know this.

Flight Form and Archaeology
Flight Form doesn't work with Digging for Archaeology. Its a sad but known fact. Why? Well, hard to give a real explanation since there isn't any REAL one out there. It just doesn't.

State of PVP..Moonkin,Resto, Feral..All bad!
Its the first season. People are still getting gear and everything is unbalanced right now. Especially rogues....Fucking rogues ><

I'll add more as I go. But for right now. I just wanna go to bed :D


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