Sunday, December 19, 2010

Druids are Fine

Seriously, this attitude is getting old. So many people have been complaining about druid healing. Its mainly druids though. PVP, I can understand. Its really silly with our long cast times and hots taking us OOM very quickly. Raid wise however. We're fine.

Stop crying.

We really are fine. If anything, a few tweaks will knock us into place. Its not something people need to go around saying "Delete your druid Now, its still early" I mean seriously, why do something like that? This is why people continue to talk about FOTM classes. People who roll classes and play them while they are Overpowered in one field for a period of time, then switch when things don't go their way. Yes, we are no longer the Always 100% mana bar healers like we were in Wrath. We are not the Spam lifebloom on the raid and clap hands healer like we were in BC. We are the Direct Healing and Hot Healer like we was in Vanilla.

Vanilla had very few druids though, this might have been why. But you know what. I enjoy it and I love the challenge. The Challenge of ACTUALLY HAVING TO THINK in a raid setting. Figuring out which heals to send out that can be grouped up with another healer to save the raid from all the AE that does go around or save the idiot in the corner standing by himself.

I dunno, maybe I'm just stupid? Some people seem to think so and say Druids are broken. WowLogs seem to say otherwise.


Moonra said...

I'm a restodruid and I'm the only one that has no problems with mana/healing etc in my guild. the people that whine need to look at themselfes and learn to play cause they are obviously doing something wrong! I don't go on forums anymore, it's depressing...

Foofy said...

@ Moonra Completely Agree. Learn tricks, watch what you do. Work with other healers to top off the raid.

Me and our other resto druid share innervates. Its more back for us if we do such. We also make sure to work Eff in high AE fights. Works great and mana is only a problem towards the end, like is should be.