Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Words cannot describe how I feel if Blizzard decides to Nerf OOC.

So here is a picture instead!


Russano Greenstripe said...

While it will definitely hurt, I can almost see why GC thinks it's necessary. OoC (especially as of late), seems to have an absolutely insane proc rate; so much that, through skillful use of OoC, HT, and Symbiosis, I've been able to keep everybody in my group at 100% health against bosses in Reg instances without running out of mana. Now, it could be the fact that I'm mostly in regs right now, or that my case is an extreme statistical outlier. But that sort of functionality is completely the opposite of the model that GC wants.

Less usage of OoC will probably hurt you more than it will hurt me, however, and for that reason, I sympathize with the sadcow. ;_;

Foofy said...

I can see them nerfing it, I know it will effect me, but I will get used to it and just do my thing. The main thing however is popping Tree form and putting LifeBloom on anyone and everyone. That is when it gets out of hand.

Moonra said...

Idd, the "normal" state of OoC is fine it's when you pop ToL and it comes up every 2-3 secs... ToL is basically a very cheap/powerful cd with OoC