Sunday, December 19, 2010

A serious update

Lately I've just been posting silly screenshots of bosses we have killed. Just something to keep me busy, ya know? Anyway, I was reading Lissa's blog Restokin and she was talking about the gear bug with the badge chest. I personally hated that bug. It was very annoying; other druids on the server thought it was funny to run around with it.

So when I had a chance to get pants that I wanted to wear, it all worked out well (the badge pants fixes the bug). I have been working on my gear a lot lately. Been asking to heal several heroics by friends and guildies since now adays, I barely go oom unless people are stupid. Normally end up sitting at 25-40% mana depending on the boss.

So as everyone said, Heroics start out hard, but mainly because of the gear issue and they get better. I like how this works. Better than just hitting 80, and jump into heroics like you could with Wrath. Gives you time to learn your class for the current Xpac a bit easier. I don't mean you don't learn it when you level, but I mean more in a terms of not breaking sheep, little tricks you could have to save the group, etc.

I have also been farming like hell on my Shaman and Paladin. My Shaman is my Herbalist and Skinner. She is already level 82 just from gathering. My Paladin is about to hit 81 from Mining so much. The prices on the Auction House haven't really gone down. I personally hate start of Expansion's for the sheer reason people decide to make a quick Pixel'd Buck. So made sure to just level my Jc'ing and Enchanting to get the perks (Chimera's Eye Cuts and Enchant to rings). So now I'm taking my time leveling them up past that. Save some money. Also farming my own Fish saving money for food down the road.

Between farming for raid (we're 5/12 by the way! Highfive) I've been slowly pushing myself to level Archaeology. However, as a druid; its very annoying to see this message all the time. Its gotten to the point I have a cancel aura macro.
I got my first rare the other day from it. That silly Green beam that just shines down on you. If anything, I want the bug mount and the rings you can get. However, I got a long way to go since nothing of that race wants to spawn. My problem is I have been mainly working Kalimador. Which is pretty much all High Elf dig sites. So I will be heading to Eastern Kingdoms for my 225-300 phase in hopes of getting something other than High Elf crap.

So, thats it for the basic update. Besides the fact I'm going to redo the blog a bit (I like change ok? LEAVE ME BE) here is a picture of me looking awesome!

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