Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Troll Flight Form and More

As many people know, I'm going Troll as soon as I can. There are however to options to this.

Male Troll
Female Troll

I am leaning towards Male troll due to how I enjoy their body flow all together. They don't look like sticks, have a great dance and I love their braids Haircut. With Female, I enjoy a few of their haircuts and I'll look cute (I think). The problem I am running into is two things.

1) I never played a male as a main before; hell, even as an alt.
2) The hubby doesn't want me to be a male troll

So this puts in a stand-still. What am I going to do? Male of Female troll?

If I make a male troll, I will still dislike some of the qualities he has. The hunched back, and few hair styles I like. Also the run. I go female, pretty much the same thing. So I'll be putting up a poll for you people to help me decide.

Also, we have all seen the Troll Druid Flight form.

Yes, its a bat. I'm ok with it; still a few bugs to it of course..BUT! I swear to Elune; if this thing doesn't have a good sit function..I'll never use flight form again. I'll let myself die if I get dismounted. >:(

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Shinryu said...

Considering that you'll spend most of your time in form if you go feral or boom (feral especially, there is almost zero reason to leave cat even while not raiding due to the nice movement increase), shouldn't matter that much if you opt to go female...if you're resto, then you'll see more of the rather ugly female model, but still...