Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Its been Decided

The poll pushed me in the direction or whether to be a Male or Female Troll. Poll stated Female with a whooping 41 people behind it. My husband of course is happy. I still have a name for my Troll Druid on Reserve. I am officially going Resto in Catacylsm. I was even asked by our GM if I wanted to be a Raid Healer or Main Healer. I of course said Raid. More fun to watch all boxes then just 2-3.

Another thing that has been a topic of conversation is if Troll Druids will be allowed with 4.0.3a. On PTR, you have troll druids. No problems. I heard elsewhere as well as a blue post they "MAY NOT" be available. Of course it was not a "No, they won't" or "Yes they will" it was a MAY. So the blue poster did not know either. I also heard you could start a level 1 druid but not race change to one. Which personally makes no fucking sense.

If we are able to roll a level 1 Troll druid, then we are able to race change to one. Either way, on PTR right now; you can be a Troll Druid. We still show the Tauren flight form however. I would love to test out the bat animations. But whatever; I'm ok with just being able to race change and pop Berserking for faster cast times. Anyway; I have my toon planned out, more or less.

I'm thinking of going with the usual small tusks and a green skin. Of course I love the large female Mohawk. Though I may use one of the newer hairstyles. Which they only have 1 good one of. =(


Name- Check
Look- Check
Ability to change come Tuesday- No idea

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