Thursday, November 18, 2010

Talking is fun

I talked with some friends on my Real ID. Most of these friends are old guildmates from back in Vanilla WoW. People I first stepped foot into Molten Core with as well as raided 15man UBRS. These were the same people that ran me through instances when I was lower to help me level up and become a raider with them. Especially since there was only like 2 horde druids on the server at the time.

The discussion became a conversation, bringing about 5 people in to the mix. We talked about Cata, how things have changed over the years for us. But a major thing came up was my blog. Two of my old guildmates apparently watch my blog to see what I am doing. They explained to me however how they couldn't see me going Troll Female.

I couldn't understand why, so I asked them to explain how they couldn't. They quickly gave up all the reasons I original rolled a Female Tauren Druid.

1) I dislike Night Elves
2) I love cows (Huge cow collector..LEAVE ME ALONE)
3) The female Tauren Tail memorizes me and I had problems trying to level alts in Vanilla if it wasn't a Tauren
4) I enjoy being tall because I'm short IRL (srs)

The list continues on and on. I asked them what they would like me to do since I do get displeased with how Female Tauren look in some gear. How I don't play with game sound on because Female Tauren's laugh is pretty..Bad. As well as I feel there needs to be more to it.

But you know what? They kept pounding me about the issue. So I ended up making a list; Dislikes of Female Tauren VS Female Troll. Guess who won? Female Troll! Female Troll had about twice as much as Female Tauren with dislikes. Here is the chart I made during the conversation with them. And yes, alot of it is cosmetic, but I love the Lore from both yeah. Also, I did facepalm myself after I made this.

The main thing with Tauren is I won't be min/maxed. My guild is huge on it. But at the same time, I'm not min/maxed on my professions either. I'm an enchanter/Jc'er. I have several old world patterns I worked hard to get and I rather not lose them. If I drop anything; it would be Jc'ing for Eng. But it would be a waste as JCing/Eng are the best for Cata. So I'll just be sticking with what I got. Especially since the guild needs an Enchanter anyway.

So, I'm more than likely going to be myself and just staying Tauren. I like to be different. Its why I rolled a Tauren druid in the first place. I mean, in Vanilla. There was like 50 NE druids, 2 horde druids on my server. I was rare, and needed. Which I liked. Now adays, servers have millions of druids. So I'm not very original anymore. With Troll Druids coming. Most people will be going troll. Even some tanks. Min/Maxing pure tanks may stay  Tauren though. Hard to say.

So now I'm like. "FUCK" cause I wanna stay Tauren but I still want troll for Min/Maxing.

Someone stab me in the eye please?


Shinryu said...

Well, what if the opposite reaction comes true and most druids stay as Tauren instead of paying to reroll Troll? Not to mention Trolls get so little love in the game as a whole, regardless of class.

You could argue it as a cosmetic change if you want as well; having played Tauren for so long, wouldn't it be refreshing to play something new like a Troll? It's not like you're rolling one of the many, many, many Belfs out there...

Foofy said...


Thats the thing, my druid on Beta is a Troll druid. I haven't felt anything special towards her. I actually can't help but sit in a form all day just because I can't stand looking at her run if I move anywhere.

So its still both sides of the coin :(