Monday, November 22, 2010

Le Moo Suckaz

I've been watching the poll. To say its one sided is completely and udderly wrong. Its been a very tight vote since the start. Its been back and forth between Go Troll or Go Tauren since the start. Only thing that kept them even though was the last option of "Go Tauren with your new name".  Now Go Tauren is in the lead even without those 2 votes.

With 8 minutes to go from this post, I still sit here and stare at my Beta Character who IS a Troll and then my Live character who is a Tauren. Sitting the windows side by side; its easy for me to make the choice on what I wish to be. Even though when I told a fellow guildmate about it, he called me bad for not min/maxing. We made a joke out of it in the end so it was never a personal attack.

But yes, I am staying Tauren in the Xpac. While the Troll Bat form would make me easily switch, everything else about trolls just doesn't seem to flow. Especially since I would be going female troll to make my husband happy. I always place his happiness before my own. I also understand this is a game but he enjoys making fun of my Tauren, calling me Foofymoonkin or Resto Foofy to the rescue! I like to see him smile.  So, looking back at it all, from the very start..

I give you..



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