Thursday, October 14, 2010

Loot Drama- Reigns of the Crimson DeathCharger

We've made several Shadowmournes in the guild. Two of them transferred without even trying to give out the quest items from the Guild's hard work of even getting them the shards. Last week we made another one, and well, we got loot from it this time.

I personally wanted the locket. Because well, I enjoy that song. But I rolled and lost. So I rolled on anything after that.

Final roll was for the Charger. I won with a 95. One member started to rant and rave about it. Afterall, I'm giving up on Foofy come Xpac. But the mount isn't BOP, its BOE. So I could give it to my Death Knight. Of course, alot of drama followed this.

"You are quitting Foofy!"
"Why would a DK want that mount?"


I haven't learned it yet, its just sitting in my bags. I mean, seriously, people made me feel bad for winning something fair and square. I remembered what a member in our raid did before. Sold her Mim's Head to another raider. No one said anything. So I thought I would just sell it to a guildmate if they wanted it. Not to the general public. A few people didn't like that.

I thought about holding onto it and giving it to Azamath (who has been after the mount since its release) for his Birthday which is on the 25th of October. Several people wouldn't like that either. They would complain I played favorites.

I thought about giving it to the next highest roller, who had a 92. But me and the GM couldn't remember who had the roll and asking who had it would result in the "No, I did" comments or "No you didn't". So right now, as I said..its just sitting in my bags. I want to put it on my Death Knight or give it to Azamath. The comments of why would a DK want it however has kept me from going forward with it. And as for giving it to Aza, I don't want people to get bitchy over it before we kill HLK.

What do you guys think I should do? :(

And no, I wouldn't sell it to the server, I don't need 100k.


Anonymous said...

You won it, hon. Do whatever the fuck you want to do with it. And you putting the mount on the toon that you're actually going to use in the next xpac rather than the one you'll retire makes perfect sense to me.

Desirable loot will almost always create drama, and this wasn't left to a loot council. It was random. Anyone who doesn't get it won't be happy unless they're the one who got it. At least your guild rolls on the loot from it, and at least the other folks in the guild got a chance at it.

As many other guilds do, our SM recipients were allowed to keep/sell their loot as they so saw fit, and the rest of the guild didn't get dibs at all.

Llani said...

I agree with Almoderate. It's YOUR deathcharger, everyone rolled, you won, you get to do with it what you want.

I am sure 100% of your guild would rather you keep it than sell it to server (which you already said you wouldn't do). That alone means you appreciate their hard work ( know what I mean, lol)

And even if you did eventually switch toons, so what? You'll still play Foofy, just not ALL the time. Just because you don't raid on her doesn't mean you can't enjoy her. I think I read a post where you are keeping Foofy though...

Anyway long story short, Foof, YOU do with it what YOU want to =)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe some of the guildies said that... that's just pure hate!

You won it fair and square!