Monday, October 11, 2010

4.0 Tomorrow, what are my plans?

Someone asked me this serious question.

"What are your plans for tomorrow? You guys are still working on Lich King and I know you haven't kept up on the Moonkin changes"

Well, this is true. I haven't kept up to date on anything moonkin besides making sure people played well with eachother on the forums. I did log onto Beta a few times with a friend and test out rotations. I more or less just winged it with a broken chest piece Blizzard gave me and pumped out around 6.2-6.4k dps at 85 on a target dummy I wasn't hitcapped with. Or gemmed, or anything. Gotta love premade toons.

He was hitting around 7k, but also knew his rotation and kept up to date. So that shows how much I really paid attention. I also found a huge hate for things that glow. Flashing things drive me crazy, I just wanna press buttons to make them go away. So I'm going to OCD about it if I need to play Foofy until Cata.

However, I'm still dead set on my Death Knight. Been playing her alot in Beta. I have 3 Dk's. One for 80 testing, one for leveling testing and an 85 premade for max testing. I'm enjoying it alot. Sure the rune system makes me cuss a bit, but its still fun. I also sat down today and talked with our old guild tank who recently got to switch to his DK for DPS, which he has wanted to do for awhile.

We got to talking, and while hes a huge min/maxer and has been a tank for years, he hasn't been too pleased with my live spec or gearing choices. Needless to say, I don't have everything available to me but he knows I'm still trying to get into the hang of things. Especially after being a caster for 5-6 years. Its a change. His main problem was my taunt resists because I refused to glyph Dark Command (well, more like to lazy since I only got in alt runs anyway)

But we sat and talked, theorycrafted a bit. So I don't think hes so "I don't want you tanking" but more of "Well, you are trying Son, Don't be afraid to talk to me" so that makes me happy. Also, I decided on a name for my Death Knight. After all, its a complete 180 switch. A caster to a Melee, DPS to a Tank, Tauren to Goblin. So I made the decision to retire the name Foofy.

I'll still be holding onto it, as well as the other Foof-like names I have. However, I wanted to be someone new. Someone that can't be easily stalked (I say hi and trade and my name floods the place..the tank I just mentioned says I have a fanclub and stalkers :/ ). So, to feel completely new, my name will be changed to:

Bizzlesprout (inc QQ/LOLS/WTFS)

This looks like a Bizzlesprout to me, so I'm happy with it. Especially since I'm the only one with it (for now)

Anyway, back to the question at hand...

4.0, My Plans?

Nothing major. Reforge some stuff, get TauntCapped, Get into some raids, Get 4pc T10 and cooldown my way through Lich King.

Moonkin will be sitting unless needed for Lich King. Nothing more than that. Unless I need to heal my husband for Kara/ZG. Then half the time I just heal him on Fooferd my Shaman.

As I said, Foofy is retiring. Shes an Old cow and needs to go to the Old Cow Home. She might become my Herbalist due to the lovely racial Flower picking speed she will now get. (lol)

Anyway, those are my plans! What are yours?

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