Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoot me, Please- I've gone Resto


Where do I start?

Well, its like this. Pre was Rej spam and an idiot ass DK who didn't know how to wait until the tank even touched a mob that made me hate life. Rej spamming a raid and throwing out Wild Growth on cooldown was boring.

Post 4.0-

I get to pay attention! I love having to stop and look and see who I'm about to swiftmend! Why? I love the proc AE heal it does. I love to make sure its on melee or a tank close to melee. I love the fact I can use Healing Touch again, and Regrowth is now like a Flash heal.

I love the fact I'm not stuck in a tree form the entire time. I can use costumes, play around and have fun again! It reminds me of vanilla and..I enjoy healing like I did back in Vanilla. So what does this mean?

My dk is going to be my number 1 alt. Foofy is going to stay my main in Cata and I learned the Crimson DeathCharger on her. This doesn't mean MRB is coming back to life. Oh no, we got another moonkin in the guild I can poke at to make one. You'll like his lovely British voice! I told him I wanted to rape it one day. Made a great conversation starter.

Anyway, yeah! Foofy is now going on 7+ years..I think she'll die when WoW Dies at this rate.


fgdfgdsg said...

Booo...poor DK

Llani said...

See, I'm too sleepy to be commenting because I swear I read THIS post, then read the Deathcharger post, and then forgot you had given it to Foofy already :P

But no matter what, you don't always have to play the toon that has the most cosmetic items or achievement points. Play them all how you want to play them and enjoy it =)

I'm currently agonizing over which toon to learn my Jaina's Locket on. My shammy might be my main, but I might swap to my druid (but then, everyone and their MOM plays a druid...) and then there's my many choices. I am sure you know where I'm coming from >.<

Foofy said...

@ Llani

Its not really cosmetic, though I really wish I could be a goblin druid, but that lore twist would send ALOT of people raging. I was more than willing to give up all the rare mounts and raiding achievements I have on Foofy for my Death Knight. Then I was made to heal and it reminded me of vanilla...the way healing was when I loved it.

So I couldn't give up on the cow just yet. My husband is happy though. Thats the toon we meet together on, and he wants me to keep playing her.

Anonymous said...

*gasp* Like RESTO! That's good :)