Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What are your thoughts?

My last post was about how Customer Service in general is falling downhill for Blizzard. My husband's account only got a 72hour ban but it was for nothing. He sent in an email telling them they need to read before they delete posts or even read through them and see what is going on. Why? The troll in the original post was just being stupid and thus got reported. However, when a report happens, they look at the entire thread and took it as a level 1 vs a level 80. The level 80 won apparently. Because he responded to a level 1.

So, I want everyone who reads this blog and has one of their own and post their thoughts on how the Forums and Ingame service is being ran. Blizzard does amazingly read a few blogs, so it may get the message to them that they need to revise what is going on with the people they are hiring. Cause lately, its been very lazy.

Ps: We sent in an email but never got responded to :/

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