Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not so scrubby anymore!

I don't feel so damn scrubby anymore on my Death Knight. I've been working on her gear and have 2-3 pieces to go that I can buy with Frost Emblem gear. I don't get to do 25man ICC and 10man ICC everyweek because I try and save myself for guild runs. Which don't always happen. If I could get in on our 25man guild runs, I would only have 2 pieces I would be after.

Anyway, with only getting into a few ICC10man runs, I finally was able to get my drake last night. A few mains needed it and they took me along since they needed a tank. It took two weeks and some mains still need it (they didn't show up last night so we took other people)

So yeah, I'm pretty happy overall. I don't look so scrubby on my Rusted Proto anymore. I was able to take some annoyingly big hits from heroic mode bosses and I'm pretty proud of myself for being able to have the gm talk to me like a normal tank when he came on the runs too.



Anonymous said...

*sigh*... I suppose I do need to get my scrubby butt in order as well and do my 10s, which I've been neglecting. I've long since gotten my drake from 25 Ulduar and 25 ICC, but I've just not had the stomach to do 10s on a regular basis on top of my 25s. But I want my mounts, so I suppose I'll just have to put my big girl panties on and do it.

Anonymous said...
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