Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Crits

A friend wanted me to post this up to help promote his webcast. So you guys should check it out, or I'll cut you!

Big Crits, the WoW reality show - season 2 episode 01 - The Recap

Watch Big Crits, the WoW reality show

Big Crits is a web-based reality series about a World of Warcraft raiding guild. It's about the kills & the wipes, the clashes & the collaborations, the loot, the laughs, and the drama. It's about real people conquering a virtual world.

We’re kicking off Season 2 in partnership with Fans of the show will enjoy the recap of the first 13 episodes. And if you’re new to Big Crits, it’s a perfect intro to meet the players and get ready for another season of boss kills, good times, bad drama, and real people in the virtual world.

Get full guild access, watch all episodes, and listen to the Big Crits podcast on our website!

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1 comment:

Moonra said...

Since I joined Twitter I've been reading about this BigCrits here and there... guess I'll check it out this evening :)