Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not Looking Good -Sadface-

Well, its not looking good for my guild. We've been working on Heroic Lich 25man since April. Got him to 40% after going through 1 break and having to find new members, and now, here is the second time..but its worse.

We originally had around 30 raiders when ICC started, then we got to Heroic Lich and it began to downfall. Some people had to quit for Real Life. Understandable. Others, just kinda stopped showing up. No word, nothing.  We had maybe 1 or 2 people get pissed about loot because they didn't have the attendance over someone else and leave that way too.

For the past 2-3 Months, our Guild Master has been trying to recruit people. Only apps we have gotten are people well...you probably wouldn't want either. Most didn't know what parses were, not gemmed or enchanted, or even stepped foot into ICC past Lady DeathWhisper (How, I have no idea).

So its not like we was being real picky, there was just nothing to even pick from. And when we did get new recruits, something came up. Apartment problems or Real Life (jobs). Its not like they just left us. Its just it was always us, never someone else.

Now, our forum is being spammed with people leaving. I had an idea this would happen after our warrior who just got his Shadowmourne that night would ninja transfer. And yes,we all know where you went to you Sleezbag, I hope you enjoy your Emerald Dream pvp. You'll be murdered over there since you aren't as good as you think you are. Good thing you left too, we wasn't looking forward to seeing your dps with a Shadowmourne either. No warrior should be 5-6th on the DPS meters in your gear. Look at the TOP dps'ers..you are a few thousand behind them.

Anyway, our Spriest left. I figured that would happen. He wanted to only raid 3 nights a week in cata. So he found a guild for that. As long as hes happy. Our Warlock Left. I knew she was looking but she atleast said goodbye.. And now our Top DPS'er DK is leaving. I can only see more leaving now. From a roster of 18 people trying to clear 11/12 Heroic 25man ICC every week with using FAF's (Friends and Family), Alts, and Unguilded/Guilded people from off the server...We was doing pretty good, but with top dps'ers leaving..it wont look to good much longer.

I was trying to help the GM by looking at maybe a Guild Merger. There are a few guilds he talked to and some he liked, some he didn't like. I don't know what his plans are since we are still having problems recruiting. But as I told my husband and told others in the guild.. I really don't want to leave the guild, the group of people I raid with is just amazing. I never really felt at home like this since my first raiding guild back in Vanilla.

People are funny, even if you piss eachother off, you get over it and still make jokes at eachother. I mean, I got in a huge fight with Kuru a few months back and I just ignored it and moved on. Its like a brother/sister thing in there.

We rag on eachother constantly and make sure everyone is having fun. So I really hate to see the guild break up, but as it looks, we have maybe 10-13 active raiders? I really don't know anymore. Either way, I already told the GM I'd go where he goes. Hes one of those guys you only meet once in a lifetime.

So, what should I do if all does go down hill and the GM decides to merger?

1) Follow with 1 toon (the main I'm going to be in cata)
2) Take 2 toons (Foof and Foofy)
3) Convince him to become a 10man cata guild
4) Eat more cake


pseudostudent said...
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pseudostudent said...

I am really sad to read this. I am still pulling for you guys to get H LK before the xpac ... hang in there.

- Antoniolo (Boat Times) on Staghelm-US
(sorry for the double-post)

Matticus said...

Cake is always an excellent option.

Hana said...

10-13 is a very nice size for a 10-man guild, especially if you can keep the core group of people that you really enjoy playing it.

Back in TBC my guild went bust trying to do 25-man raids, then resized back to the more comfortable 10-mans. We ended up being second Horde on our server to clear ZA and did it in Kara gear.

It was less glamorous, but we got to stick together. At least in Cata 10-mans will be on good footing.

Merging isn't too bad if pulled off right though, so if it has the possibility of working out, I'd give it a chance.

Lissanna said...

Guild mergers are going to be hard at this point. It's easier, both in the short-term and the long-run, if you just downsize to a 10-man guild if the people sticking around are happy & willing to do it.

Costas said...

It all comes down to what the members want, perhaps a guild meeting to discuss it. If you make the merger and people are against it you'll just lose them to other guilds so it won't really be a merger.
Most people will be running 10 mans in cata and I hear that the achievements for clearing something first are shared by the 10 mans and 25 mans.
If you decide not to merge and you just want to clear Lich King 25 hc then just arrange to have a few combined runs with other guilds who are low on people.