Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still going!

First off, Reawaken is still going. People showed up last night not expecting to raid, but our GM put together a really crappy raid group that you would not even use in a pug, but we still did 10/12Heroic 25man (healer had to leave for Sindragosa)  and we did it an hour after we normally raid.

So, people's spirits were brought back up, especially when we had a bit of trouble with Heroic PP. People just being stupid I guess. So we got a Mr. Shkan speech and we then killed him after fixing a tanking issue (we forgot to have a third tank since we was missing some core dps last night)

We still used Fafs, friends, and non guildmates to do it, but we had alot more guildies on this time. We only had about 3 fafs/nonguildies. Which is pretty damn good. We got a hunter recruit and he didn't do to bad from what I saw.

I also had a chat with another guild leader on our server. After much discussion (if you want to call it that) it seemed to me he was dissing my guild. At first, I figured it was a joke until he said "Reawaken isn't good enough to transfer to"

Any guild, no matter the progression is good enough to transfer to for anyone. Its the guild itself that makes the guild, not the progression. If we are going in terms of progression and not the environment of the guild, then yeah..we wouldn't be a top list since we haven't gotten heroic lich down yet due to membership problems, but if you think about it...what are those guilds doing anyway? Nothing...Clear in one day and then do nothing the rest of the week. I know a few people in 12/12 guilds who have quit and said they aren't coming back till Cata.

Well, we still have stuff to kill and we still want to do it. So the people who want to are still around. But yeah, was kinda pissed at the comment. Especially when we talked about Staghelm dying and if we got free realm transfers to the server from other servers, we would be destroyed.

Long story really.

But in the end, at the end of the raid night after we killed Lich; I was sure to say my piece in the raid before logging off for the night.

"Hey guys, just remember...I'm going into Cata with Reawaken as my guild tag..how about you?"

Oh, and this happened during raid. So you know we was in good spirits.  :-D

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