Sunday, August 1, 2010

TMR Needs you!

A post from TMR's Admin, Wolfwood:

We need some help!

The Moonkin Repository has always supported itself solely through the donations of members, and my own pocket. I only call for donations when we need them for a specific reason. Our community has always been responsive and generous in the past and we have survived and grown thanks to this.

We never require a large amount of money, because we never use it for anything except basic website maintenance.

Our domain lease will be up on the 25th of this month, and the money in our kitty is currently $200 short of a two year renewal.

This is not good!


Basically... we need $200 in a few weeks!


We appreciate all donations of any amount that you make. If you donate you will receive the 'Repository Investorkin' title... and... a cake in the mail. And... you will be keeping this site alive!

The cake is a lie.

:danger :danger :danger

The cake is not a lie.

It's like Schrödinger's cat (minus the poison gas, unless I'm really feeling mean). Until you look in the letterbox, the cake both exists and doesn't exist! :dizzy


To donate, you can click the donate button on the standard portal, here, but that only works if you are using the older forum skin (wowmedevhempire). If you are using the new portal, then you can donate straight to my TMR paypal (which is where that button puts the money anyway), which is

Please send an email to that same address letting me know of your donation so I can give you the title/cake (cough).

Please help us! Thank you!


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Anonymous said...

We must save the repository!