Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Hey!

Well, I won't lie...DK tanking is fun but challenging. Well, its challenging for me when you run into a pack of 7 mobs, stunned off the bat and the Ret paladin in the group pops his wings and then just divine storms.

Yeah..Highly fun! I'm seeing where people are talking about how DK tanking is Gimckie due to the rune system. I have also been poking around with Dk's in beta. With the new system that allows you to refresh a used rune, it helps out a bit but not as much as many may think. I've also gotten around to solo'ing stuff on my DK for money and well, achievements. Not used to being able to take hits and heal, I was amazed. Its so easy compared to trying to solo something on my Druid. Yeah, if I go feral, its easy, but I really dislike feral so I always try to solo stuff as a moonkin.

I can always do the damage, but never take the hits like a DK would to be able to survive for a long period of time. So Solo'ing for my ZG mounts on Foofy are kinda hard, my DK, was a breeze. Took longer than I wanted it to but hey, I lived with 100% health because Death Strike is is amazingly OP.

I also decided to play around in Wintergrasp with my DK. She is full tank gear and can take hits, but she can't really dish them..or so I thought. Two Night Elf Druids thought it would be funny to run up, cyclone, shadowmeld and fly away. Well, it was funny until I caught one of them. A moonkin in full t10, 264 gear, destroyed by me within seconds. Yeah, didn't think I had a pvp trinket, did ya? And yes, she pop'd starfall, and Anti-Magic Shell is OP and now I know why so many DK's faceroll in pvp.

But it was the most fun I had in years. I'm loving it!