Friday, August 13, 2010

Fishing with the Rest

Ok, so yesterday we didn't raid, so I decided to get some achievements done on my Death Knight. Mine sweeper was amazingly easy, the wyrmrest daily was done in one shot (they nerfed it :( ), and I killed some turkies and whatnot, but somehow failed.  I'm also slowly exploring all of Azeroth for my Explorer title. After doing it once, I really rather not sit there for several hours going from place to place discovering it all. So I want to take my time. I should 'hopefully' have it done before Xpac.


Anyway, we got several new recruits this week. Picked up a second moonkin who didn't do to bad. The GM was asking me about her dps which for her gear level, is decent. Just a few tweaks and it will be great. That way he has no worries about gearing her up and letting me switch when he feels comfortable. Hes already noticing I'm on my Death Knight more than my Druid. I'm even stomaching to level fishing on her. I've leveled it on my Paladin and my Druid and now my Death Knight is next. After that, its cooking. Cooking is the easy part for me. The only time I had trouble was when you had to be friends/netural with the goblins to get the cooking quest back in BC. Being the Idiot I am, I went Bloodsail first then tried to level cooking....2 years sitting at 225  cooking was fun. It truly was!

Continuing on, I had a random level 1 log onto Staghelm and start talking to me about why I'm doing Death Knight, about how Death Knights Suck. How I should stay moonkin and whatnot. While I understand alot of people want me to stay moonkin, I'm really not doing this because of the eclipse changes. Which is all the guy said I was doing it for.

I've explained before that there are so many factors going on that its just not fun for me anymore.

1) Yes, I hate eclipse
2) Druids have a healing spec available, and I hate stresses me out
3) Tired of the female tauren broken model. I want to be a goblin come Xpac! And Goblins can't be druids
4) I enjoy tanking, and not feral tanking, plate wearer tanking. Feral druid tanking seemed to easy to me
5) I want to see the game in a new perspective. Not just as druid like I have for the past 5 years
6) Being able to take hits in pvp is fun, especially when I can kill melee who don't have a chance to rape my face in seconds.

(HA YOU DAMN BLADESTORMING WARRIORS! **please note I pvp in WG with PVE gear..don't hate!***)

There are of course several more, but I'm not going to make a huge list about it. But those who are wondering, I am still going to level Foofy. Shes my enchanter after all. I will still be active on TMR. Wolfwood already said he doesn't mind me becoming a Dirty Death Knight as long as I continue to do my job. That means I will still be theorycrafting a bit with Moonkin, but really become more of a follower. This means no Moonkin Raiding Basic's Videos.

So hopefully there won't be anymore questions on the matter. At least I hope so! Anyway, I'm heading off. I have to start packing for a weekend trip with my Husband. Got a Family Picnic in PA we go to. So..

Have a great Weekend everyone and I'll chat with you folks when I get back!