Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ideas and Fixes on Guild Problems

Well, yeah, still recruiting. I have however been thinking a lot about what can be done to fix the recruitment issue. The main issue at hand is people are just dealing with either Real Life or just like 95% of the others, waiting till Cataclysm launches.

I'm not one of those 95%. I see the Heroic Lich King as the final boss in the game that we have yet to beat. No one on the server has beaten it yet as we are all going through these issues. Pretty much every guild that was making a push into Icecrown is having the same problem as us.

What are some solutions?

1) Recruiting
Recruiting people who want to actually raid is the most reasonable fix. However, we've been trying to recruit people who will actually show up for raid or at least post on the MIA forum for awhile now. We've even gone to other servers after looking up GearScores (cringe) and progression attached to some players just to ask them if they was looking for another guild.

Even if we have people interested, our server is pretty much crap now adays. Its set as a "New Players" Realm even though is pretty old. Our server ecomony is down the drain, its 3:1 Alliance to Horde so no one who likes to PVP in Wintersgrasp is interested in our server. Our Battlegroup is pretty bad too. Other guilds on the server are behind. There is only 1 Horde guild 11/12 heroic 12/12 10man Heroic, and only 2 alliance guilds 11/12 heroic and 12/12 heroic 10man.

2) Merger
A guild merger is another way to get people together to kill a boss. The problem is not everyone will like the new rules, you will always get bad eggs, cliches and other stuff brought in with a merger. Sometimes it works out, most times, it doesn't.

3) Faction Transfer
We was looking at faction transfering to Alliance. They have a much bigger player base and most people who would want to app that we have talked to don't want to leave the Alliance side. Mainly because they want to be worgen come Xpac or leave their friends, or just don't like the look of the Horde.

4) Server Transfer
We looked at server transfers as well. If we was to leave the server, it would be in worse shape, but that also doesn't mean going to a new server would fix anything. I did a server transfer once as a guild and that guild is now disbanded. Only a few members of the guild was accepted on the new server. Others were treated like crap because they tried to make themselves out to be better than everyone else. Why? Our guild was the top of the server in BC, when transfering, we meet other guilds who had the same progression. I guess a few member's Ego's got the best of them.

There are so many ways to look about on how to fix this. But every fix has its own consequence. So its never guaranteed to work. Needless to say, we're still recruiting and even if I looked at another guild to join, I wouldn't have anywhere to go.

The guild I'm in now has a bunch of great people. I love their loot system and I am going to my Death Knight come Cata. If I was looking at a guild to transfer to now, my Death Knight would be accepted, only my Druid. I see no reason to transfer my druid when I don't want to play her. So, I'm stuck no matter what.

Hopefully everything turns out well in the end.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think with the exception of the very top high end guilds, everyone is going to go through this crap right now. Not only do we have a few more months until Cataclysm is supposed to be released, but we're also dealing with the new school year having just started for a lot of folks.

I can definitely relate to the server transfer scenario. I've seen a ton of guilds leave Terokkar declaring that it was going to fix all their problems. I've never seen it end well. I'm of the belief that if you're already having problems, a server move is just going to make it worse-- particularly since your guild is now on a bigger server where they're not just the recruiters but also the targets of other guilds recruiting.

I'd definitely explore other options first, but if you guys are really considering that, we'd love to have another Horde guild on Terokkar, and you'd still be the top guild, so it's unlikely you'd be picked off. And as you know, there is a good bit of talent there simply because they might not want to server transfer.