Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Besides wasting an hour of my life watching that new Legends Machinima, making a post about it giving my review. I log on to find out 2 recruits quit. Not to mention 3 other people are gone for the week. So now I'm getting really ticked. Nothing against those who may read this and think its them but let me post something that was placed on our website by a fellow guildie who is getting fed up with people not showing up. Just like me.

When you applied, when you interviewed, when you were given the green light and the ginvite, you signed (whether you were aware of this or not) a contract. You committed yourself to the loot list, the requested raid conduct, the 20-hour schedule. These exist for a reason; we play by these rules because they bring stability and organization.

We are not holding up our end of the bargain. And not just to the tag, but to our fellow raiders.

I understand things come up. I understand shit happens. This is the reason for the existance of emergency hours. But none of us agreed to join under the pretense that we give 20 hours a week unless friends want to go hang out, or 20 hours a week unless we want to live it up on the weekend, or unless some cool new game came out or we just don't feel like showing up or whatever other stupid casual thing. We each said that we would do everything within our power to give 20 hours a week.

At this point, I'd also like to reiterate the universal sentiment that not posting an MIA when you can't make it is really fucking annoying. I can't think of anyone who doesn't feel this way. Holy shit, please give us a heads up. It is not that goddamn hard.
 There is about 2 full post lengths worth of this post, so its not all going to show. But the post has a fucking point. When you apply to a guild, you are saying "HEY! YEAH! I wanna join! I CAN AND WILL Make your requirements. Raid times and skill wise"

Everyone knows real life comes up, it happens. But as you can read from the post, people weren't posting in MIA either. So people are logging on expecting people to log on in return. In example:

We have this hunter, we'll call him "Hunter without Shoes". He was recruited to raid full time since our two current hunters at the time had college and real life jobs to deal with. Fine, we're ok with that. However, he would tunnel vision and get people killed, still tunnel visioning and standing in shadow traps, and tunnelvisioning some more. He would miss several days, only seeming to log on for Free loot Tuesday. After it seemed he got the gear he wanted he kinda just stopped showing up.

Now he just doesn't show up. I've talked with his old GM who is on our server and she doesn't expect any less as he has done this several times before. Disappearing for a month then coming back and expecting to raid.  Thats not happening here. Our GM already stated its on a full out recruit and if people don't show up and don't post an MIA, they will be demoted on the spot.

SO! If you are being annoyed with your guild and wanna raid with me and my guild who are still not giving up and still clearing up to 11/12 Heroic 25man Lich with like only 19 fucking people, we're looking for more!

1-2 Hunters
Frost DK (DPS)
Enhancement Shaman

Pass it on to your friends!