Sunday, August 15, 2010

Angry people are Angry

Just figured I would tell a story because it made me laugh.

I've been doing alot more pvp/duels on my Death Knight. So I normally sit outside of Orgrimmar to have fun. This mage comes up to me and challenges me. Whatever, I take it. I destroy him after he pops everything. Then he decides to make a comment "Oh, I can beat you on my main" and I'm like "whatever, go ahead."

I don't think much of it. So I wait while he brings out his main. Then I see it. A balance druid. Badly geared, gemmed, and sure as hell has a bad spec. I'm sitting here just shaking my head. He goes into PVP gear and then we start. So, being that Foofy is a Moonkin; I know what is going to be thrown at me.

Of course, I'm right on the money. I have his rogue guildmate in a whisper with me and I'm telling him I know what is going to happen. Hes going to Treant and Starfall and hope to burn me down in a second. Sure enough, here come trees and starfall. I just just him keep casting on him as I kill his trees with my shell up. I just chain deathstrike on them healing myself when need be.

Then I turn towards him. I saw he was spec'd for typhoon, so I run up to him. BAM! Typhoon, thats when I death grip him and go to town. Then come the roots, then comes my chains of ice and his spamming of shapeshifting.

Needless to say, I played with him the entire time just to let him go oom. Then I just beat him.Right after it he goes "URGH I HATE Death Knights!" and I'm just laughing at the whole deal. So he respec's and then goes resto and duels me. Yeah, ok. This guy just wants to feel OP once so I let him but I auto attack half the time. While he thinks I'm getting mad hes all "OH! ALMOST GOT ME!" "COMON" "ALMOST THERE" "OH SO CLOSE"

I'm still laughing so I end up letting him run out of range and forfeit. The whole time hes laughing thinking he did something good. He even was like "YOU BAD! YOU STACKING STAM!!!!" Well, I'm a tank? I was so tempted to get on Foofy and show him how I could burn his ass down so easily with him being resto, but the igs bots were in Orgrimmar making hearts and shapes and I found it a better use of my time.


People QQ to much when losing in a fight :(


LePeR said...

You also have to understand you have little kiddys playing this game.. I just shake my head most of the time when i run into people like this.. So very sad

Anonymous said...

People and their weird obsession with pvping and not accepting their defeat.