Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Wild Foof Appears!

Well, I got alot of whispers after my post stating what I was doing for Cata. Needless to say, alot of people do have an understanding of where I am coming from. Especially when its other moonkin who have been doing the same thing I have.

Needless to say, here is my Death Knight! Shes already got her own catch phrase, coined by several in trade chat. "A wild Foof Appears!"

She is going to be race changed to a Goblin when it comes available. I am enjoying everything about them on the Cata Beta right now. They have so much work put into their character models. Their racials are fun (Rocket Boots Anyone?)

Their starting zones are fun, especially if you just want to drive around and hit people with the car. However, being the over achiever I am, I have to get the basic achievements done on this Death Knight before I feel shes ready for Cata.

That includes all the simple achievements. I will get my raiding achievements done when I get to play her. My Guild Master knows my plan, and he is ok with it. I show up everynight to raid. I do my best and I bring what I need to get the job done. For him, this is a permanent tank. We've gone through so many tanks in the past year or so, its sad. Its not that we're bad or anything. We still get server firsts and still get our stuff done. Just people up and leave. A few tanks we had are:

Some random warrior that was with us for a week at the start of Ulduar

And don't get me started on warlocks. Went through about 10 in Ulduar. Mainly because they was bad or expected to be carried. I dunno. But as I said, hes happy. Now he has a perma tank who will show up to raids, ready and willing!

And while shes not the best geared DK out there on the server, she's already getting attention. I've been doing alot of pugs. Comments such as "You're the best DK tank I've seen in a LONG TIME" really makes me feel I'm doing my job. I've been reading tankspot alot and asking questions where needed. My threat is pretty damn good and I don't get hit like paper.

Overall, I'm happy. This is the spark I needed. Something new, something I haven't really focused on before. I log on my DK more than my druid now. I've been farming up flasks, indestructables, and food as preparation for when the GM says "Log onto your DK Foofy"

EEE! I can't wait :D
Oh and yes, I have already designed my Death Knight Goblin. This is what she will look like.


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That Goblin is hot!
And best of luck to your DK :D