Monday, July 19, 2010

Moving On

Well, I know a few people know of it, but I figured its time I post it so everyone knows. This way I can handle the questions in one lump sum as well.

A few people heard, but this will be a shock to most of you. After 5 years of playing Foofy the Druid, I have decided I needed a Class change. With Cataclysm and major changes, I figured it would be the best time. I am moving to my Death Knight Foof and am going to be the Death Knight Tank for the guild. I have always enjoyed being a caster, but being the same class for 5 years, seeing the same thing for the 5 years, and just feeling limited really killed the spark of the game for me.

Just like others who grow bored, I made alts to keep my interest in. However, alts can only help so much. So yeah, I think its time Foofy takes a well needed break.

Questions and Answers:

Question: WHY?!

Answer: As I stated, I've been a druid for 5 years. Sometimes, playing something for so long makes the game, not so fun.

Question: But you could respec!

Answer: I could, but there is a fine line of what I can stand. I dislike Feral. I even tried it out in beta, and don't get me started on resto healing. I already get asked to help heal sometimes for the guild and I really just want to log off and walk away.

Question: Are you doing this because of the moonkin changes on beta?

Answer: Beta isn't even over, some people are going to say I am and then say I'm jumping to conclusions. Let them think what they want. Yeah, I've seen the new eclipse change, and I still don't care. Overall, I am tired of dealing with eclipse itself. Even if it turns out to be something amazing and a huge dps increase with no set backs, I really just want to do something new. As I said, 5 years and counting...the spark is gone.

Question: Are you going to stay horde and with your current guild?

Answer: Yes, I'm staying horde unless something happens. Same goes for my guild.

Questions: So....any other things we should know?

Answer: Well, I am also a bit ticked at the fact I've dealt with not being able to use Noggenfogger, or any other costume while raiding. I enjoy outfits, I enjoy messing around and seeing different stuff. A druid spends about 10% of their life in humanoid form. We can't see our armor (I'm also tired of wearing dresses) and yes, I am "meh" about that. I remember way back when some of you druids didn't know the game existed. I could use my Orb of Deception, go bear form, and still be a gnome. Or go cat form and stealth as a gnome and mess around at TM where all the PVP action was at. Same with Noggenfogger. And no, they didn't get rid of it due to a script issue. They got rid of it due to PVP QQ of not knowing what form a druid is in at first glance.

Question: What will happen to MRB?

Answer: They will be discontinued. I will be happy to pass the reigns to someone else if they so want it.

Well, thats it for me. The Cupcake Factory will still be around. More or less be updated with more of the Guild stuff, what is going on for me, and whatnot.

And yes, I am race changing to goblin with my Death Knight when Available. They are so much fun on Beta!


Requisition said...

Sadness. :(

C Randy said...

I understand where you are coming from. I myself grew tired of both of my druids but I made a different choice. I decided I wanted more options in my life and more money in my pocket. I am going to college again to up my degree and I just don't have time to play. I play my console games every once in awhile for amusement. I really understand where you are coming from and if I had the option of coming back to the game, I too would change my class. I have a level 80 DK who I loved to dps on. I also have several other high level alts that I could level and start on. I won't decide until I am able to come back to the game though.

Good luck on your future tanking endeavours!! :)